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Some of the most commonly asked questions about Riverstone Logistics and final-mile logistics solutions.
What is your business model?

We are freight forwarders. This means we are non-asset-based and have a team of strong leaders to manage independent motor carriers and Riverstone Logistics support staff.

What services does Riverstone Logistics offer?

Riverstone offers final mile logistics solutions for heavy goods retailers needing delivery and installation. Our focused verticals are Appliances, Building products, Consumer Electronics, and Furniture. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you!

What are your delivery models?

With a team of over 125 years of combined experience in final-mile and warehouse operations we are able to offer three different service models:

    • Dedicated: Riverstone Logistics delivers out of a Retailer managed distribution center or cross-dock. The Retailer will pick, stage, and prep (where appropriate) all products. Riverstone will then load and deliver all products. All persons that run the four walls are in the direction of the Retailer.
    • Direct: Riverstone delivers out of a Riverstone-managed cross-dock. With our extensive team of inventory and process experts, Riverstone will receive the product from the Retailer, hold the product for a period of time designated by the Retailer, then pick, stage, prep, and deliver all products for on-time delivery. These cross docks are owned or leased by the Retailer or Riverstone. All persons that run the four walls are in the direction of Riverstone.
    • Rapid Response: Using our motor carrier centers, located across the US, we are able to deliver whenever a retailer has a need for capacity. These carriers are “on our bench” meaning they already have provided us with all business documents, passed Background requirements, and are fully on-boarded, so they can be deployed at a moment’s notice.
What kind of vehicles do you have?

As a freight forwarder, we are able to contract for any type of vehicle of which you may require! In the final mile space, we specifically have experience with 16 to 26 ft. box trucks, flatbeds, and sprinter vans.

How do you know if you have succeeded?

The Riverstone Logistics team is metric-driven and data-supported. We work with each of our partners to define and identify the metrics which mean the most to them. Three of those “mainstays” are Stop Completions, On-Time Delivery, and Net Promoter Score (NPS). We use proven data that is recorded from the Logistics Management Software as the backbone of those metrics.


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